So, Law School, eh?

Front Entrance to the Brandeis School of Law in Louisville, KY

Front Entrance to the Brandeis School of Law in Louisville, KY

I have been asked that question about a hundred times, mostly over the summer before I actually started school.  Mostly people just want to acknowledge the fact that you’re actually going, but don’t really want to stick around for the “why” part.  I usually tell people “for the money, man.  that effing ‘lawyer money’!” to which they nod their heads approvingly.  Truth is, the well’s dry; there is no more lawyer money.  at least, not for folks that go to a law school outside the hallowed ivy halls.

Mostly, i came to law school because I always knew that my mind was ready for the challenge.  It had been a part of the plan for a long time, and I had grown complacent teaching English overseas.  I knew it was time to test myself.

I’m a little older than most of my classmates, but I see that as a benefit.  I may take a second longer in recall, but there is absolutely no replacement for the feeling of failing at LIFE nipping at your heels.

Many of the folks in my program are fresh out of undergrad, full of vim and vigor, ready to take on the world.  I’m back here because that world is tough.  That world loves the sweet taste of idealism.  That world either submits to your will or bends you to it.  That world is SCARY.

Dragging on for a blog post, I will sum up my auspicious inaugural blogby promising the following thing:  while I may not always be entertaining, hopefully I will always be honest.  These words are my own, and they mean a lot to me.  If you are so moved to respond, for good or for ill, please leave me a comment.


About Josh Hartsell

34, 3L law student, Boren Fellow in Korea, internationalist, former ex-pat.

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