Louisiana to Gay Adoptive Parents, “Geaux Away!”

An awesome looking family, IMHO. credit: PoesInBoots on flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/lusobelga/)

There are few things that get me on my soapbox more than using kids as pawns in somebody’s ad campaign.  From the proponents of Prop8, to child stars on tv, to the cereal companies selling poison in a sugar coated breakfast food, kids are especially vulnerable to the idiocy of both the system and their sometimes sociopathic stage parents. No group of kids is more vulnerable than orphaned/pre-adopted children, which is why it really steams my clams when families who want to adopt these precious kids are denied purely because of the gender of the parents.

A handful of states, up until very recently even Florida, explicitly banned same-sex couples from adopting, and some states such as Oklahoma, want to restrict gay people from even being allowed as foster parents.  I think the fact that these legislators are willing to deny two year old babies, who perhaps may have never known the warm embrace of a parent’s love, a stable, loving, permanent home all for the sake of religious intolerance says more about the legislators than anything else.  A gay couple who are friends of mine adopted a Haitian boy in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake there last year (the adoption was already in process, the earthquake just expedited everything).  Can anyone with a straight face really tell me that this child, who was malnourished, living in an orphanage, and suffering from a nasty intestinal parasite, would’ve been better off staying in Haiti than being with his two dads in their suburban den of iniquity? 

Data has come back showing that children raised in same-sex parent households are developmentally no different than children raised in different-sex parent households.  When is Louisianna, or more generally the South, going to accept that data and revise its policies? A whole generation of children stands to benefit.


About Josh Hartsell

34, 3L law student, Boren Fellow in Korea, internationalist, former ex-pat.

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