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This blog is dedicated to capturing and publishing my thoughts on (including, but not limited to): TEH LAW!!, Korea, Technology, Gadgets, Art, Food, Culture, Words, Writing, Photography, Novels, Movies, Newspapers, Blogs, Louisville, North Carolina, DC politics, GLBT issues, Gay Politics, Relationships, Harry Potter, and last but certainly not least, Dogs (more specifically, my Italian Greyhound, Macs).

My intention is for this to be a mixed media blog, so in addition to the written content, there may be images that compel me or images i’ve shot personally as well.  This is not meant to be a space where i air feelings of personal frustration of la quotidienne, but rather an intellectual (as possible, given the subject matter) analysis from my point of view.

Thank you, dear reader, for stopping by, and please, feel obliged to comment! 🙂


MobileMe Refugee

This isn’t a post of substance; i dragged over the preceding four blog posts that i’d already written on the earlier iteration of this blog.  Since Steve et al. decided to abandon iweb, i have to bring it on over at some point.  If it’s rereading, by all means skip it.  If it’s new to you, then I hope you enjoy.