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Indiana State Flag

The new rainbow flag?

This week, the State of Indiana announced its settlement with Alisha Brennon, a relatively anonymous citizen, whose spouse was crushed to death in the collapse of a stage at the Indiana State Fair. What is remarkable about this settlement is that for the first time, the government of IN is treating same-sex spouses the same as different-sex spouses. Read More…


Louisiana to Gay Adoptive Parents, “Geaux Away!”

An awesome looking family, IMHO. credit: PoesInBoots on flickr (

There are few things that get me on my soapbox more than using kids as pawns in somebody’s ad campaign.  From the proponents of Prop8, to child stars on tv, to the cereal companies selling poison in a sugar coated breakfast food, kids are especially vulnerable to the idiocy of both the system and their sometimes sociopathic stage parents. Read More…

So, Law School, eh?

Front Entrance to the Brandeis School of Law in Louisville, KY

Front Entrance to the Brandeis School of Law in Louisville, KY

I have been asked that question about a hundred times, mostly over the summer before I actually started school.  Mostly people just want to acknowledge the fact that you’re actually going, but don’t really want to stick around for the “why” part.  I usually tell people “for the money, man.  that effing ‘lawyer money’!” to which they nod their heads approvingly.  Truth is, the well’s dry; there is no more lawyer money.  at least, not for folks that go to a law school outside the hallowed ivy halls. Read More…