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Thomas Wolfe Was Right

Happy Birthday, Beautiful!

As a repatriated citizen, there are so many things about life in these United States that, while i took it without question before living abroad, are so peculiar that they only happen here.  This isn’t a list of bitching, it’s just observations.
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Independence means liberation from oppression

Lincoln's View of Washington

Reflecting on what Independence Day means to me, I can’t help but filter it through my experience of being a gay citizen of this country.  To be a minority in this country is a very different experience, and white gay men, uniquely, have the experience of seeing what it’s like to exist on both sides of the line, depending on which side of the closet door they are at the time.  The lessons i have learned as a minority citizen informed me greatly that what i had taken for granted, my majority privilege, is something that has the potential to blind one to the experience of others less “fortunate” to enjoy the same privileges. Read More…


This blog is dedicated to capturing and publishing my thoughts on (including, but not limited to): TEH LAW!!, Korea, Technology, Gadgets, Art, Food, Culture, Words, Writing, Photography, Novels, Movies, Newspapers, Blogs, Louisville, North Carolina, DC politics, GLBT issues, Gay Politics, Relationships, Harry Potter, and last but certainly not least, Dogs (more specifically, my Italian Greyhound, Macs).

My intention is for this to be a mixed media blog, so in addition to the written content, there may be images that compel me or images i’ve shot personally as well.  This is not meant to be a space where i air feelings of personal frustration of la quotidienne, but rather an intellectual (as possible, given the subject matter) analysis from my point of view.

Thank you, dear reader, for stopping by, and please, feel obliged to comment! 🙂

The Focus/Happiness Correlation

Focus=High, Happiness=???

These guys look super happy.

I left the library tonight after a long, but productive, day of outlining and studying for my finals.  Normally I struggle somewhat to maintain my focus the whole night, which is reasonable, I suppose, but tonight was one of those nights where you blink and 3 hours have gone by.

That concentration and effort left me feeling happy.  Giddy, even.  Was I just overjoyed and geeking out on how fun the rules of court are?  I seriously doubt it.  Was I basking in the glow of a job well done?  Possibly, but the enormity of everything still on my “to do” list precludes that idea as well.   Read More…

What do your emotions look like?

God's Country

Looks like home to me.

I was reading this fascinating article on the neuro-physiology of metaphors (no really, it’s awesome.  read it.), and buried in the middle was this delightful digression about a book that describes emotions.  Describes is too vague.  It personalizes emotions.  Read More…

Public Art

A colleague (that’s what you call your friends in law school, only half-seriously) and I were discussing “good classical music” the other day, and one of the points of divergence that became clear in our opinions was that, often times, the accessibility of the art limited the respect it was given.  Symphonic music scored to fit a particular film ≠ classical music, or so it goes. Read More…