What do your emotions look like?

God's Country

Looks like home to me.

I was reading this fascinating article on the neuro-physiology of metaphors (no really, it’s awesome.  read it.), and buried in the middle was this delightful digression about a book that describes emotions.  Describes is too vague.  It personalizes emotions.  Read More…


Public Art

A colleague (that’s what you call your friends in law school, only half-seriously) and I were discussing “good classical music” the other day, and one of the points of divergence that became clear in our opinions was that, often times, the accessibility of the art limited the respect it was given.  Symphonic music scored to fit a particular film ≠ classical music, or so it goes. Read More…

So, Law School, eh?

Front Entrance to the Brandeis School of Law in Louisville, KY

Front Entrance to the Brandeis School of Law in Louisville, KY

I have been asked that question about a hundred times, mostly over the summer before I actually started school.  Mostly people just want to acknowledge the fact that you’re actually going, but don’t really want to stick around for the “why” part.  I usually tell people “for the money, man.  that effing ‘lawyer money’!” to which they nod their heads approvingly.  Truth is, the well’s dry; there is no more lawyer money.  at least, not for folks that go to a law school outside the hallowed ivy halls. Read More…